Infusion soft & Keap focuses on software products created to help and support small enterprises’ development. This company offers the assistance for developing the community and can also enhance the business’ dream by building up to a higher different level. Keap ensures that it offers a service to small businesses in order to meet the competition in the technology aspect. They never fail to support small businesses to change their business dynamism and the employees also ensure the business’ mission accomplishment in the similar way. More than 2, 00,000 and above users rely on Infusionsoft to get the consultation and solutions for the respective business growth. The firm is also ready to consult one on one or in many levels so that they can get the business connection.

How to infusionsoft login?

If you are the first time user find below the steps involved in login procedures.
  • Open the website or directly log in to login
  • Click the login option found in the right top corner of the webpage
  • It redirects to the login web page
  • Provide your email address
  • Type your password
  • Click the option login

Infusionsoft Login- Forgot Password

  • Check into the website or directly open
  • Press the login option found in the right top corner of the webpage
  • Click the option forgot your password
  • Password reset page gets opened
  • Provide your email id
  • Click the option next
  • Check your email for the recovery code
  • Once you get the recovery code enter in the option
  • Click the option next
  • Follow the screen instructions

How to sign up for free trial (infusionsoft login)

  • Go to the website
  • Login page gets displayed
  • Click the option start a free trial
  • Free trial web page opens
  • Provide your first name
  • Type your last name
  • Key in your business email ID
  • Provide your phone numbers
  • Create a strong password according to the criteria
  • Press the button Start my free trial

Features of keap

Keap functions beyond software development and it also has got other characteristics which are listed below

CRM -Client management

  • This concept ensures to be organized and efficient in each and every step the business takes.
  • Activities of the client can be managed under a single tool
  • Software helps you to keep a track on to do things, client record update, payment structure and enhanced service offers
  • You can get connected to your clients through emails and get automatic updates regarding your message that you have sent to the clients
  • Personalized communication can be sent through this software to generate leads
  • Time consumptions through readymade emails and content
  • Backup with client information and details like contact number, documents, histories tags for quick reference and comfortable categorization


One of the quickest and fastest ways to reach the clients is through messaging. Keap introduced the concept of messaging to act as a bridge by filling the gap between the employees and the customer as well as being structured in the work system. This method helps you in the following ways
  • To be alert about clients messages and respond quickly
  • Client satisfaction gets enhanced as such their needs are quickly met
  • Message can be aligned into read, unread categories so that your time is saved by searching for the apt one that you require


  • Link with time schedule will be sent to clients so that the clients get the convenient time schedule to fix their meeting
  • Managing appointments by linking with your calendar and scheduling meetings get simplified
  • Data, notes, schedule can be accessed in one platform

Sales prospects

  • Tracking and lead Management is flexible seems to be interactive throughout the sales aspect
  • Tailor-made dashboards create an organized structure to track leads
  • Customization in every sales work helps you to manage and prioritize things
  • Right replacement for spreadsheet to lead tracking and maintaining client information to proceed promptly to the next progress
  • Synchronization of data to the dashboard is possible

Marketing automation

  • Automation of data entry, client details, marketing, sales, and a single platform is possible with keap
  • Scheduled email as a reply to every prospective client leads

Payments details

  • Payment is made automatic to reduce the consumption of the client’s effort and time
  • Keap has an integrated solution to make payments very easily by creating different platforms like Paypal, wePay and stripe
  • Constant reminders and comfortable payment process is made through the software
  • Payment tracking is simple and can get the invoices online to check the paid details
  • Payment frequency can be set according to your time and subscription

Integrated solutions

Depending upon your business you can avail keap software in order to make it as a comprehensive action-oriented platform. People can make use of the software to create campaigns, provide service, associate as technological partners and many more features like writers, developers and things are available

Reporting structure

  • Analytical dashboard provides you a simplified version of data and converting the data into probable leads
  • Gaining insights and derive result out of data is possible to make quick decisions
  • Generating sales reports by including history, revenue reference details, opportunity typing, revenue generation prospects and others are possible
  • Deriving administrative reports like user logins, contacts, types of users, status completion and other activity are possible

Customer Support

Keap Head Quarter
1260 S. Spectrum Boulevard
Chandler, AZ 85286
Contact: +1 866 800 0004
Contact (Local): +1 480 499 6500
Support: +1 480 499 6500

Infusionsoft Login FAQ

What kind of customer support Infusionsoft could give?
As Infusionsoft has three different products, users might be confused as to what to choose. In such a state they can directly contact the help center and get help in selection.

What is keap?
Keap is a software platform for business development focusing the small enterprises. It is really a great source of tools to grow and create a service-based platform in a professional way. Through keap you can get new leads employee team, manage and track the leads and also generate reports

How many days of the free trial in infusionsoft login are provided?
If you do not have an account with you are privileged to use the website and get the accessibility for 14 days as a free trial. To get this 14 days free trial there is neither payment nor cards needed.

What are the criteria to create a password in infusionsoft?
To create password for ensure the following things are required
  • Minimum of one uppercase letter
  • Minimum of one lowercase letter
  • At least one number to be included
  • Minimum of seven characters should be present
While registering for the free trial I get an option called use suggested password. Can you explain what it is all about?
There are some set of criteria to be followed while creating a password. If people find it very difficult to create a password once they click the option password, they get a suggested option where you can find the relevant thing and click the option to apply the same. After registering you can change your password accordingly.

I did not receive the recovery code while resetting the password. What could be the reason?
This sometimes happens when you have entered the wrong email id. Ensure that you are providing registered email id in the password reset option which you have provided at the time of account registration.

What kind of products is available in keap?
Keap has three different products which are available at the best value depending upon the business need and they are
Keap grow it is exclusive for the startups and new companies
Keap Pro- as the name suggests it is for the established companies which completely focusses on sales, campaigns for business development
Infusionsoft- enterprises that look for a CRM solution can make use of this option to predict and analyse sales in advanced marketing techniques
Is infusionsoft an integrated solution?
infusionsoft login definitely acts as an integrated solution because you can find every single platform created under the concept called keap. This is a robust aspect with regard to CRM and also makes it comprehensive when it comes to sales, marketing and services
Why to prefer infusionsoft?
Infusionsoft login simplifies your work and provides the opportunity to make your decision quick. It gives you an advanced platform so that we can make use of the comprehensive products to organize and create a structure to our business development